Through the power of fiction we are exposed to many stories. Many are fantastic! A lot of them have cool little creatures! And a lot of the time it makes me question what the perks are of being a dumb human. Why am I not a tiny lump with four legs and an indifferent face? Or a quadrupedal creature with a head, two eyes and a mouth? Or a shaved bear? Or an unusual looking table?

(artistic representation)

At least we have our dumb brains. Our brains can do some pretty weird things. I was on vacation last week in Kauai. Among beautiful views and weirdly hospitable animals were a heck ton of tourists. And it was hard not to go into a tourist brain state with them; meandering through life with a rosy glow and peaceful sense of unknowing. It was like having a cloudy head full of cotton candy that you would also eat while sitting on the beach, watching crabs scuttle. And that's exactly what I did in my absent-minded state, watched tiny crab lives pass me by in their own panic, trying to sustain themselves off of coffee beans and salt.

Although it's always great coming back home after a strenuous plane ride, I feel like I haven't recovered from my cotton candy brain matter. I have started a few new and exciting projects to keep myself busy during the summer (in addition to my last studio class), but I still find myself still pulling cotton candy out of my ears.

Being a productive member of society requires you to have stringy electrified brain matter, kind of like very potent asparagus. And as I reintroduce myself to that sour brain state, please excuse me for this very short rambling.


Also I'm rereading Oyasumi Punpun by Inio Asano (one of my favourite works ever)!! Check it out... :^)