I don't know how long I have been obsessed with...


gurns worms,


moths, beetles, flies,





But I think I gravitate towards these things because of society's tendency to misunderstand them. Would you accept a juicy mango from a rat with little grubby paws and a trash hat? I DEFINITELY would. Children's stories, cartoons, and (I GUESS) history would tell you otherwise. I suppose with good reason. Any creature that thrives on the unappealing features of society is deemed unappealing as well. But really... who else is going to rummage through the trash and bathe in the potholes? LET PESTS DO WHAT THEY DO BEST!!!

What even is a pest? According to the wonderful Wikipedia;

A pest is any living organism which is invasive or prolific, detrimental, troublesome, noxious, destructive, a nuisance to either plants or animals, human or human concerns, livestock, human structures, wild ecosystems etc.

So I guess they do some bad things. I guess my rat friends kinda assisted with the Black Death... I guess that was pretty bad... whatever. But that was a different period of time in history. Lets put that behind us and hold hands with our ratty friends. Rats are MEMES now. Rats eat pizza like human folk!!! Rats giggle when you tickle them!!! Rats are trying their hardest to get back in the good graces of man. So I'm giving them a chance. Since I realized how awesome rats are I have been welcoming to all the critters. Currently I am obsessed with borms burms wryms wurms worms.

Because it has been raining so much where I live lately I have really thought about lurlms worms. A question I have been asked a lot when it comes to my appreciation for flurms worms is Why?

Why gurnms worms out of every organism in the world?

I guess it's because they're so weird?????????? They are fleshy blobby lines that eat and poop dirt??? How do murms worms work???? They can just have sex with each other and make more blobs???? Why do they look like they could grow limbs whenever they feel like it and start walking?????

I used to HATE urns worms and slugs as a kid. It might be because I thought this was what I had to look forward to in my next life (morbidly thinking ahead).

Oh Boy I Get To Eat Dirt And Horrifically Die One Day.

Phurms Worms aren't really pests. They are very useful guys. But I feel like they belong in that misunderstood group of creatures. They belong to a group of Earth's creatures that experiences death so often that it's become superfluous to us. Every time it rains squirms worms come out of their dirt homes to dance and inevitably die. Most people won't grieve a slurm worm that has been run over. But there isn't really any way to avoid being run over by a huge wheel when you move at one squelch a minute. blurms Worms don't even grieve for trrms worms.

Rrrms Worms have really made me think about my own mortality.

Oh Boy I Get To Do Stuff And Die One Day.

I remember in middle school my French teacher had a compost bin in the back of her classroom. One day she took out a swerm worm and said that in order to feed her two fish she cuts the glurm worm in half. She asked me or a classmate to cut the pirm worm and I can't remember who did it but I do remember two violently twitching halves and tiny yirnm worm blood on my desk.

Sometimes you just have to accept that you might be cut in half, or run over, or eaten by birds. That's ok! Because one day you might find you are the worm... or the rat...

Go Death and Disease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!