hi i'm simone


Hi my name is Simone Kousol-Graham and I'm going to talk about someone you may know named Simone Kousol-Graham. 

Investing yourself in any creative field requires acceptance of dealing with uncertainty for the rest of your life. And that fact alone would turn a lot of people into piles of goop. But that’s where I fit! I’m PERFECTLY FINE with not knowing a lot, while simultaneously feeling more confident with my place in design. And I’m doing quite well with making things that don’t work, because they have the potential to be something else. I’m in tip-top shape! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

To me, design is an intermediary between people and objects, it creates relationships and emotional attachment through creation, ownership and ultimately reflects how we treat our objects and surroundings. In my work I gravitate towards exploring these relationships by integrating humour into my design approach. This can take many forms, from completely absurd to a simple detail in form, but ultimately with the use of humour I want to subvert existing frameworks of thinking. With my work I want to always question how I can explore humour in design and relate it to the peculiarity of our relationship with the surrounding world. Through enriching my understanding of different mediums, methods and processes, for the future I’d like to explore how design can initiate discussion about the peculiar.