hi i'm simone

Bupkis (a little dude)

@tinybupkis is an instagram account that portrays the life story of Bupkis (a character I developed for a previous animation project). Through using a sewn/inanimate object in different settings, parallels are created through this amorphous creature and pet accounts popular on social media. Everyday scenes are depicted with hashtags that correlate with the image and popular tags used on instagram with absurd tags that make the viewer question the intention of the imagery. Videos are also posted on the account, that further animate a previously inanimate object; the persona of Bupkis only exists digitally and pales in comparison to it’s existence in real life.

Our interactions with the digital world allows to expand our personality in a different ways. By using instagram as a stage, individuals can provide short-lived entertainment for their followers through the tragedy and celebrations of seemingly everyday life. Pet owners are given the ability to personify their pets and create a following, which was not possible before.Through @tinybupkis I explore the legacy of persona and character through an inanimate object. I also explore art on social media as it borders on reality, or the appearance of reality. @tinybupkis created a following through people I knew in an educational setting, as well as in the world I opened up to through the hashtags I used. This is not a piece with a final ending, but more so transformative as Bupkis continues to grow followers and a legacy.