hi i'm simone

Bupkis in my Head

Whenever stories or memories are told, details (unconsciously or consciously) continually change in order to compensate for the loss of the original moment. Memory does not exist without a retelling of it. Through the medium of animation, nostalgia is continually explored as animators create each frame of the work; reliving the moment in slow motion.

For this work I used dreams and memory as a “space” for the animation to function in. In the first sequence of the work, vignettes of abstracted imagery are used in order to portray the unconscious triggering of dream imagery while you sleep. The second sequence describes the creation of ideas and how they continually change, similar to memory. The character (I affectionately call Bupkis) I created was not initially for this work, but started with a simple drawing which I then changed and eventually used as the “traveler” in my animation. In the beginning and end, the “traveler” enters and exits the dreamscape in my head (portrayed through layered printed photos). In the fourth sequence, the “traveler” explores the dreamscape, with sounds to correlate with the environment. I use layering and stop motion as a way to act as a motivator for progress, and hand draw elements in order to provide atmosphere and character to the space. I decided to draw the background on a large sheet of paper to help build the environment for the viewer to explore while I animated different parts. The elements are nonsensical, and almost alien to both the viewer and the traveler in the animation; which portrays the spaces and gaps in between dreams and recollection.