hi i'm simone

Mildred (a warm cocoon)

Mildred is a lovingly stitched together cocoon consisting of secondhand knitted blankets, sweaters and wool curtains. Through the creation of Mildred I further explore the relationship between textiles and emotional endurance.

Comfort is a term used to describe one’s ability to be open in certain situations. This is subjective to one’s experience and environment. With the creation of Mildred, I wanted to create the experience of comfort while using previously discarded wool objects in order to make the user consider their relationships with these materials.

While I was making Mildred, one of the blankets had a tag that said “Specially Hand Made and Designed By Mildred” (thus the name of this piece). This was an eye-opening moment for me as a designer and creator. The time spent to create a knitted blanket requires extensive time spent planning and stitching together yarn, and I was reappropriating this piece into a new object, still made for comfort, but in a different way. Through creation and use of Mildred, one can see the importance of emotion in objects.