hi i'm simone


I was approached with the task of developing interactive objects for “OpenPhys,” a collaboration between the Faculty of Medicine and Academic Technologies at the University of Alberta. 

These objects were created to be utilized in a web application to teach medical students about radiation and basic knowledge of radiation physics. The project was similar to a MOOC (massive open online course), however the focus of the project was to educate simple to complex information through seamless interactions and interfaces. Because the information is primarily physics and radiology related, there are circumstances where information will be changed in order to reflect new discoveries in the field. Because of this, the interface must be susceptible and flexible to accommodate these changes. 

When I started my practicum experience with “OpenPhys”, the web application was decided to be in a grid framework, so the objects had to fit within this framework!

Through this experience I have begun to manage my visual notes for myself in order to communicate myself better to clients. I also strengthened my skills with Adobe programs (After Effects, Flash, Illustrator). This was also the first time I’ve worked with a physicist and programmers!